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MECHANICAL ENGINEERING  - 대한민국 첨단 기계산업 인재양성의 메카 부산대학교기계공학부를 방문해주셔서 대단히 감사합니다 MECHANICAL ENGINEERING  - 대한민국 첨단 기계산업 인재양성의 메카 부산대학교기계공학부를 방문해주셔서 대단히 감사합니다

The School of Mechanical Engineering at PNU was established in 1953, the first of its kinds among national universities. Since the 1970s, we have developed as a college that specializes in cultivating top talents in Korea.

명실상부 국내 최대 단일학부입니다

We are one of the most biggest single college

that consists of 5 majors including mechanical systems design, energy systems, precision manufacturing systems, control and automation systems and nuclear systems with about 60 faculties, 20 staff members, 1,600 undergraduate students and 300 graduate students.

We were invited to large-scale government-funded projects including NURI, BK21, BK21+, GIFT, LINC and CK-I as a specialized college. During the process, we have provided full support to nurture experts in machinery profession by securing competent faculties, offering scholarship, improving educational infrastructure and developing a wide range of educational programs. In an aim to achieve our educational goal of "nurturing creative and highly adaptable talents," we have developed basic, intensive and experiment/practice courses. We also make all-out efforts to provide a top class educational environment by improving experimental facilities. Moreover, we strive to foster talents sought by companies with a focus on our field training programs. In recognition of our effort, the School of Mechanical Engineering at PNU was selected as the best college in the Industry-perspective University Evaluation.

Approximately 20,000 alumni have played leading roles in the development of Korean industry. We near top in the rankings of the number of new executives in major corporations. In 2014, we were selected as a college that produced the most number of executives in top 10 companies. Furthermore, the number of CEOs who graduated from the School of Mechanical Engineering at PNU amounts at about 330, executives in large corporations at about 430 and university professors at about 260, which indicates that our alumni stand out not only in the industry but also in the academia.

More than 90% of students win a scholarship, and over 2 million won is granted to one student on average. The employment rates of undergraduate and graduate schools reach 92% and 94%, respectively, one of the highest in the country. In addition, the average annual research fund reaches 20 billion won.

With a long history and honorable tradition, the School of Mechanical Engineering at PNU is seeking to cultivate future talents who will lead the country's machinery industry and also devoted to researching in a bid to increase technological competence and advance cutting-edge technologies.

We hope to get your sincere interest and support for the development of the School of Mechanical Engineering.
Thank you.

JEON, Chung Hwan