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Introduction of BK21 FOUR Project

The Graduate School of Mechanical Engineering at PNU is growing into a world's renowned graduate school by nurturing excellent specialists in machinery, conducting world-class research and joining hands with industries.
With an aim to enter the "Global Excellence World Best 50" in the area of mechanical engineering through globally competitive professionals and new cooperation efforts with businesses, we are carrying out the Brain Korea BK21 FOUR project. In the Graduate School of Mechanical Engineering at PNU, the greatest number of professors in Korea and about 300 graduate students in their master's or doctorate program are devoted to researching high-tech fields.
In the Graduate School of Mechanical Engineering operates a variety of programs including joint doctorate programs granted by foreign universities, short-term/long-term study abroad programs, credit transfer programs with University of Maryland and University of Florida and international internship programs with Rolls Royce, Fraunhofer, and IFM, supporting graduate students in growing into world-class engineering professionals.



  • Name: HRD Center for Advanced Mechanical Parts and Materials
  • Area: Applied Science and Technology
  • Head: Prof. JEONG Ji-Hwan
  • Participants: 44 professors (80%), 292 graduate students (82%)
  • Period: 7 years (2013. 8.-2020. 8.)
  • Size: KRW 2.6 billion per year (Total: KRW 18.6 billion)
BK21 플러스 사업단 조직도 BK21 플러스 사업단 조직도
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    • 연구지원사업부
    • 산학협력사업부
    • 국제협력사업부
    • 지역협력사업부
    • 에너지·발전
    • 미래부품소재
    • 수송·플랜트기계
    • 지능기계
    • 원자력
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