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Product Development
Year 3 Semester 2
  • Establish a product idea to define and solve engineering problems
  • 3 credits
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design task
Year 4 semester 1
  • Product Development Based on the idea of designing and producing products
  • 3 credits
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Graduation thesis
Year 4 semester 2
  • Based on the comprehensive design task, write 4 ~ 7 page articles
  • 0 credit

Product development design process sequence

Identify and organize professors

  • Group organize : 2 ~ 4
  • Advisor assignment : Three-digit number

Idea selection and guidance meeting

Purchase of materials

Poster Presentation and Evaluation

  • Presenting ideas and
  • evaluating professors

Sequence of comprehensive design task

Organizing a group and deriving an assignment

  • Group organize : 2 ~ 4

Task progress and meeting

  • At least 3 times/Month
  • 3rd Grade (Engineering Design Practice) Joint Meeting
  • Submission of research project progress report

Capstone Design Competition

  • Exhibition of prototype and poster presentation


  • Research notes, field presentation professor evaluation, peer review

Order of Graduation Thesis

Submission of thesis title

  • Submission of paper guidance confirmation

Graduation thesis 1, 2nd inspection

  • Inspection and confirmation of supervisor

Form checking and final editing

  • Undergraduate teaching supervision and review
  • Final evaluation by the supervisor

Final submission and upload

  • Upload to Webhard