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  • As a field relevant to bone of mechanical system, it is a comprehensive study that decides structure, quality, shape and size depending on performances that requires system, and includes whole process that verifies whether it satisfies design requirements and standards by comprehensive analysis and optimization process.
  • Aim of the major is to cultivate high-quality manpower who can analyze system performance and acquire design technology with combined recent convergence technology.
  • Conduct a study on machines in high-tech industry such as vehicle, industrial manufacturing production facilities, robot, transportation machine, construction equipment, household appliances, airline, medical device, shipbuilding, analyzing material dynamics, dynamics needed for designing living machine and design and biomechanics.

Field of main research & education

Applied material dynamics field

Preventing and diagnosing damages of machines and structures, mechanical property of composite materials and impact damage of brittle material, calculation of crack and stress, mechanical behavior modeling and analysis, non-destructive evaluation system

Dynamics and vibration and acoustic field

Analyzing and designing dynamics of mechanical system, analysis and reduction of machinery noise and vibration, power transfer unit and rotating mechanical design, analyzing and designing aerodynamic noise, analyzing and designing electric system such as motor and speaker

Computer-aided analysis and design field

Analyzing and designing strength of structure using computer, mechanical system modeling and analysis using computer

Design engineering and optimum design engineering field

Robust design, analysis of senility, analysis of reliability, optimal design based on reliability

Biomechanical field

Understanding property of biomaterial materials, developing alternate material, analyzing vehicle collision, analyzing safety, vehicle simulator, developing and evaluating medical devices