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  • As a field that belongs to brain of mechanical system, it is a representative converged discipline that will lead emerging future engineering
  • It is a control theory that aims cultivating high-quality human resources that can perform intellectualization/automation of the mechanical system, from traditional disciplines such as signal processing to educating state-of-the-art technology such as deep learning and biomedical technology.
  • Intellectual autonomous vehicle including dual use technology field such as missile and underwater vehicles, conducting various studies on intellectualization of high-tech system such as robot system, medical fusion system and intelligent manufacturing system

Field of main research & education

Robotics Field

Intelligent service robot, virtual simulator, mobile robot, surgical robot

Intelligent Manufacturing System Field

Intellectualization/automation of machining system, diagnosis of examining CAM, ultraprecision machining, and processing process and network for measuring vehicle, rapid prototyping, computer networking using CIM, FMS

Intelligence information control field

Intelligence information control, interactive technology

Control measurement field

System dynamics and control, multivariable control, navigation and guidance control, system theory, nonlinear system control

Smart fluid field

Electroviscous flow/ Analyzing and controlling flow of electronic fluid, hydraulic control system

Information mechatronics filed

Medical mechatronics, medical imaging system, production automation using mechatronics, system integration, electromagnetic fusion sensing and driving