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The aim of energy systems education is to cultivate professionals with creativity and international competence in areas related to energy which is a driving force of the development of human society. Energy Systems Major focuses on studying source technologies about energy conversion, storage and transmission and efficiency improvement based on thermo fluid dynamics, and renewable energy systems that can solve environmental problems in the 21st century. It plays a central role in the energy cluster in the country's southeast region which accounts for 46% of total energy production. Based on world-class educational and experimental facilities, Energy Systems Major will contribute to the national energy industry by promoting interdisciplinary convergence research and establishing a new business and academic cooperation system with global companies.

Major Research Areas

  • Renewable energy : Solar energy / solar power / fuel cell / geothermal / wind power energy, building construction technology using renewable energy, low-carbon technology, development of technology to diagnose and improve environmental energy
  • High-tech thermo fluids : Analysis of high-tech fluids and fluid transfer, multi physics / multi-scale analysis, analysis and application of turbulent, new material thermo-fluid process / development of sensing technology
  • High-efficiency energy : High-efficiency energy components and energy conversion technology, high-efficiency heat management technology, technology for high efficiency of power generation energy, next-generation power engines, energy production and storage technology, technology for nuclear machinery components, refrigerator and air-conditioner / heat exchange technology
  • Microfluidics and bio-fluid : Microfluidics system technology, development of bio diagnosis and bio-components, technology for efficiency of drug delivery, integrated bio equipment technology


교육과정 정보표
Subject No. Subjects Credit Remarks
MN6600331 확률및통계 (Probability & Statistics) 3 기초
MN7500124 공학수치해석특론 (Advanced Numerical Methods with Engineering Applications) 3 기초
MN6800426 미분방정식특론 (Advanced Differential Equation) 3 기초
MN6200693 선형대수학특론 (Advanced Linear Algebra) 3 기초
MN7200274 응용공업수학 (Applied Engineering Mathematics) 3 기초
MN6000515 고체역학특론 (Advanced Solid Mechanics) 3 핵심
MN6400237 재료과학특론 (Advanced Material Science) 3 핵심
MN6200713 선형진동론 (Theory of Linear Vibration) 3 핵심
MN6100480 동역학특론 (Advanced Dynamics) 3 핵심
MN7600516 생산공학특론 (Advanced Manufacturing Processes) 3 핵심
MN6800488 유체역학특론 (Advanced Fluid Dynamics) 3 핵심
MN6800663 마이크로가공 (Micromachining Theory) 3 핵심
MN7600506 바이오영상신호처리 (Bio Image-Signal Processing) 3 핵심
MN6300518 열역학특론 (Advanced Thermodynamics) 3 핵심
MN7200307 실험열유체역학 (Experimental Methods of Thermo-Fluid Mechanics) 3 핵심
MN7600507 열물질확산특론 (Advanced Heat and Mass Diffusion) 3 핵심
MN6200706 선형제어 (Linear Control) 3 핵심
MN6000280 계측및신호처리 (Measurement and Signal Processing) 3 핵심
MN7200282 방사선공학 (Radiation Engineering) 3 핵심
MN7600512 원자로이론 (Nuclear Reactor Theory) 3 핵심

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