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  • It belongs to heart of mechanical system and it is a study that deals with heat/energy/fluid and their efficient operation.
  • Aim of the research is to cultivate highly qualified professionals with creative and international research capacity in relative field of energy, which is a driving force in development of human society.
  • Conduct a study on technical development on conversion, storage, transmission of energy and its efficiency improvement based on thermal fluid engineering and renewable energy system for solving environmental problems in the 21st century.

Field of main research & education

Renewable energy field

Study on fuel cell/winder power/solar cell/solar heat/geothermal energy, low carbon technology, and technology applying renewable energy to building

High efficiency energy field

High efficiency component and conversion technology, high efficiency thermal management technology, high efficiency technology for generating electricity, next generation power system, energy generation and storage technology, nuclear mechanical parts technology, refrigeration and air conditioning system technology

High-tech thermofluid field

Analysis of high-tech thermofluid and transfer phenomenon, analyzing multiphysics/multiscale behavior, analyzing and applying large scale turbulence, developing new material thermofluid processing/sensing technology

Extreme environmental system and microfluid field

Thermofluid sensor technology in high temperature and high pressure environment, separation technology for mirco/nano particle, functional micro/nanocapsule manufacturing technology, microfluid medical system technology