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경량부품가공센터 (PNU PROTECH) Manufacturing center for light-material product (PNU PROTECH) Manufacturing center for light-material product at Pusan National University is a department installed in college for field education of students, activation of research of teacher and promotion of technology transfer to industry after approval of the Ministry of Education in July, 2004.
공학교육혁신센터 (PICEE) Engineering Education Innovation Center (PICEE) The center conducts a characterization of educational renovation system in consumer orientation engineering college by constructing innovative infrastructure of educational program such as innovative center business, base center business, building research hub, supporting certification of engineering education
공학교육거점센터(ABC) Engineering education based center (ABC) Including 65 innovative centers for engineering education around the world, this center performs a hub role that supports and connects innovative business for engineering education of participating universities focusing on university strongholds such as Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul National University of Science and Technology, Chonbuk National University and Yeungnam University Station.
부산대학교 교육인증원 Office for Education Accreditation (CEA) As certification by each academic field that guarantee quality of education gets more important and spreads, Pusan National University Office for Education Accreditation was established in January 2009 to induce introducing various certification systems including certification of Architectural Education and Management Education by extending and reorganizing specialized education center for certification of engineering education.
기계·로봇연구정보센터(MERRIC) Mechanical Engineering and Robotics Research Information Center (MERRIC) It is a center for studying mechanical construction engineering that analyzes network of overseas conference, provides services of overseas conference, progresses interview of excellent researchers, and video service of conference.
기계기술연구원 (RIMT) Institute of Machinery and Technology (RIMT) It deals a theme of overall study in mechanical engineering such as energy engineering, precision engineering, material and mechanical system engineering, control and automation and aerospace and it composes of about 90 professors and many full-time researchers including professors in various professors at the engineering college in 17 professor’s office based on mechanical engineering department.
경기계설계전산화 인력양성센터 (PECCAM) Center of cultivating human resources in computerization of machine design (PECCAM) It was established in December 1998 to promote improving design technology of a machinery-related industry by installing and operating program for cultivating human resources in computerization of machine design. In addition, it is conducting a business on cultivating human resources in computerization of machine design based on various supports from Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy, Busan Metropolitan City, Busan-Kyungnam Motor Techno Center
원자력 안전 및 방재 연구소 (INSP) Institute of Nuclear Safety and Protection (INSP) In-depth study on safety of nuclear facility is needed and especially, comprehensive disaster prevention measures such as preventing and easing accidents are essential for safety of residents and environment. Due to this, the institute was established, contributing to reinforcing capacity of “Nuclear Safety and Protection” in the southeastern region. Aim of the institute is to contribute to the development of the country and local community.
정밀정형 및 금형가공연구소 (ERC_NSDM) Institute for Precision Formation and Mold Machining (ER NSDMA) Precision Formation and Mold Machining Center (Ministry of Science and Technology) was established in March 1994 to improve Korean manufacturing technology into the global level. The center was established to promote advancement of precision formation and molding machining by intensifying research capacity in field of precision formation and molding machining field.
첨단 기계부품소재 인력양성사업단 (BK21 FOUR) Advanced Mechanical Component Material Training Center (BK21 FOUR) The center operates Brain Korea 21 FOUR business aimed at vision which is Global Excellence World Best 50 in mechanical engineering field by cultivating high-quality manpower and new industrial cooperation.
첨단냉동공조 에너지센터 (LG CARE) LG CARE To achieve aim of LG Electronics to be Global No. 1, the center constructs and operates customized new industrial cooperation program that integrally connects securing excellent manpower, reeducation of manpower and research and development for Pusan National University.
  • LG-Track : early search and employment of excellent manpower in undergraduate studies
  • LG-G&D Graduate School : Cultivating core R&D manpower with creativity/innovation/and professional capacity
  • LG-CARE : R&D Hub of original technology
  • Business for cultivating of manpower in next generation refrigeration air-conditioning: cultivating manpower supported by Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy
청소년 창의기술인재센터 Youth center for creative talent (HEPTAPUS) The center conducts ‘Business for supporting youth center for creative talent’ of Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy for cultivating future engineer of smart robot with creative convergence knowledge through development and operation of converged technology education program targeting adolescent in the southeastern region. The center runs main programs every year, which are development of engineering education, engineering fair for the future of youth future, academy for creative talent of youth with basic concept of big data (future engineering school, good technology class, K-12 robot design camp, volunteer camp for sympathy technology), HEPTAPUS school, a intensive course of academy, Free school year system, and program for career guidance.
초소형기계부품기술혁신센터 (MEMS) Technology Innovation Center for Micro-Machine Parts (MEMS) As a research center established to contributed to activation of local economy by development of new product and employment creation with development of high-value MEMS technology, it constructs infrastructure of vehicle, which is a Busan regional specialization project, micro-machine parts related to automobile, shipbuilding, bio/medical, environmental energy and parts industry, spreads technology, constructs foundation of establishing specialized company in development of parts and material technology, starts office factories and cultivates professional manpower.
캠퍼스 아시아 사업단 (EEST ASIA) Enterprise Organization for Campus Asia Project (EEST ASIA) Campus Asia Project is a business supported by Ministry of Education, Science and Technology operated from the second half of 2016 to 2021 for joint degree of graduate school in three countries such as Korea, Japan and China. Aim of the organization is to cultivate high quality manpower related to future energy environment in East Asia.
풍력발전미래기술연구센터 (WETech) Research Institute for Wind Energy Technology (WETec) The center was established for the need of developing core original technology, cultivation of high-quality manpower of wind power, developing educational program for cultivating company customized core manpower related to validation and certification, constructing global R&D network for development of core original technology in wind power generation and constructing infrastructure related to wind power.
청정화력발전에너지연구소 (PCERI) Pusan Clean Energy Research Institute (PCERI) The center has intensively conducted various themes on clean energy technology. Currently, study on Hydrogen, AI, Ammonia, Clean Coal Combustion Technology, Oxy-Fuel Combustion, Marine Diesel Engine, Gas Turbine, etc been actively conducted.
Rolls-Royce 대학기술센터 (RRUTC) Rolls-Roycs University Technology Center (RRUTC) The center has conducted joint research on eco-friendly, high-efficiency thermal energy management technology focusing on gas turbine energy (for aviation and industry) with relatively high degree of energy accumulation through international academic cooperation with Rolls-Royce Company in England, which is the world’s leading Power Company.
PNU-IFAM 국제공동연구소 (PNU-IFAM) PNU-IFAM Joint Research Center(PNU-IFAM) It is a center specialized in field of ‘materials and production engineering’. Since joint establishment with IFAM research center, Germany in May 2006, it has been selected as project of attracting and utilizing foreign leading research institutes organized by Korea Foundation for International Cooperation of Science & Technology (KICOS) affiliated to the Ministry of Science and Technology and it has been conducting related businesses.