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1st Major foundation General Physics1 Students learn concepts and applications of kinematics, mechanics, gravity, energy, momentum
and heat. The aim is to understand basic concepts and principles and apply them to explain
physical phenomena.
General chemistry It deals with the basic principles of chemistry, such as structure and chemical reactions of atoms and molecules. By learning the concepts of matter, thermochemistry, and bonding power,
you can acquire a concept of chemical energy.
General Physics
Laboratory 1
This course deals with measuring experimental values and graphing the results. We aim to learn the connection between theoretical concepts and experimental results learned in
General Physics 1.
Engineering Calculus Students will learn the concept of limit, fundamental properties and applications of calculus, partial derivatives and multiple integrals. It aims to teach mathematical concepts and theories and
solve application problems.
Introduction to Mechanical Engineering We introduce various roles and fields of engineer to freshman student of mechanical
engineering Undergraduate. It also tells you the basic concepts of the subjects you will learn in Mechanical Engineering.
2nd Major foundation General Physics 2 Learn the fundamental laws of electromagnetic phenomena and Maxwell's equations. It also introduces the physical properties of electromagnetic waves, such as reflection, scattering and
diffraction, and relativity and quantum mechanics that form the basis of modern physics.
Biology The goal is to understand the basics of biology and biotechnology by learning the topics of molecular scales of life sciences such as chemistry, metabolism, genetic basis, and
evolutionary process.
General Physics
Laboratory 2
This course deals with measuring experimental values and graphing the results. The aim is to learn the connection between theoretical concepts learned in General Physics 2 and
experimental results.
Vector Analysis and
Complex Functions
Students learn mathematical concepts essential to understanding Major Required and elective subjects such as internal and external, Green's Theorem, Stokes's Theorem, complex numbers, and Taylor series.
Statics This course deals with basic concepts and principles of statics such as components of force and force, moment, free object, rigid body equilibrium, moment of inertia,
shear and bending moment.