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Division Master Doctor Integration Process Remarks
major examination Eligibility Completion of 12 credits or more Completion of 18 credits or more Completion of 30 credits or more Take over half of
completed credits
Number of classes 3 clases 4 classes 4 classes Only applicable classes
Examination Time Twice a year (March, September)
Passing score Over 60 points Over 70 points Over 70 points
Foreign Language Test (English) Eligibility Any student
Examination Time Twice a year (March, September)
Exemption application
(Submit a certified English test score)
English exemption
  • 1) Exemption from one of TOEFL
        (Over PBT 550 points, Over CBT 213 points, Over iBT 80 points),
       Over TOEIC 650 points ,IELTS 5.5, Over TEPS 690 points
        ( Candidates before 18.5.12)
    • *New TEPS candidate (after ‘18.5.12.) are exempted from the 380 points or more according to the table conversion score
  • 2) Completion of an English test substitute course opened by the International
        Language Education Center and a test score of 70 points or more
Korean exemption
(only for foreigners)
  • 1) Korean Language Proficiency Test (TOPIK): Level 4 or higher
        (including Korean language course 4th grade)
  • 2) Completion of the substitute lecture for the Korean language test
        established by the International Language Education Institute and
        a test score of 70 points or more
※ Graduate students who are nationals of New Zealand, the United States, Ireland,
    the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada, or who have obtained a Ph.D. degree
    in such countries, may be exempted from the Degree Requirements for Foreign Language
    Examination (English).