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  • As a field that is relative to hand of mechanical system, it is an academic field that conducts a study on processing process of materials such as removal, adherence, deformation and transmutation.
  • As a next generation part for manufacturing machine, vehicle, shipbuilding, semiconductor/micro devices, which are national industries, aim of the major is to manufacture processing of materials (Dream MAP : Materials and Parts) and cultivate expert in system technology
  • This major conducts an education and research in extensive fields ranging to next generation technology such as hybrid processing technology and micro/nano processing technology in basic industries.

Field of main research & education

Sputtering Field

System for evaluating performances of machine tool, processing monitoring system, high speed machining system, high speed processing, micro processing, development of cutting tool, artificial intelligence application technology, CAD/CAM technology, 5-axis machining, 3D modeling and simulation

Surface engineering field

Tribology, contact analysis, lubrication analysis, analysis of surface temperature, three dimensional packaging for semiconductor processing and IC integration, ultraprecision surface grinding, chemical mechanical polishing, electro chemical plating, surface washing technology

High-tech materials and molding process field

Minor, pressing, rolling, and analysis of powder injection molding processing and application technology, analyzing molding processing and designing mold, analyzing computer aided molding processing, rheology molding, design automation, predicting and controlling welding strain, designing high strength material, structural analysis, reverse design engineering

Micro/nano-engineering field

Micro/nano molding technology, designing MEMS sensor and actuator, Polymer micro/nano replication, micro metal mold, bio-mimetic technology, producing three-dimensional nano structure